We have Puppies!

On the 16th of February, 2015, just after midnight 8 beautiful healty puppies were born in our kennel: 6 males and 2 females.

Sire: IT-LT-EST Ch SOBERS Ossian ( SOBERS Lamonte x SOBERS Ghala)
Dam: LT-LV JCh, LT-LV-EST-BALT Ch WHITEHEADS Eye Candy (PL Ch DEBMAR Over Ocean Traveller At Whiteheads x PL Ch BOKAMARO Magic Touch)

Pedigree in TWA: http://thewhippetarchives.net/testmating.php?dam=105138&sire=152431

Serious inqueries are welcome. We will try to ansver all you questions.

You can also get the latest news about the litter and puppies growth in our Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/218368561557376/

Jazz and Bianca

The older the more look alike mom: Jazz 11 months, Bianca 3,5 years :) We wait till Jazz will mature and get his mass on and then we will try pair competition in shows ;)

Our Junior Jazz is new Lithuanian Junior Champion!

Being only 11 months old and still very childish in look (can’t expect more, when mom was like that at this age) Jazz finish his LT JCH with flying colors! He had two shows that weekend, well no male junior for competition, but there were two beautiful champion class males attending and thes second day under judge Johan J. Juslin from Finland Jazz was named as the most beautiful male and received title of BOS! I was so pleased as the judges that weekend were so strict :)
That you for kennel Stabmeldys and her owner Ramune for helping me with Jazz the first day of the shows. She showed him beautifully and he received his second JW needed for his J Ch that day :)

Lure coursing in Rietavas 2014 08 16

Our enlarged Nemuno Delta team were participating in lure coursing competition in Rietavas (LT). Jazz (Sky Is The Limit ND) and Layla (Seventh Heaven ND)had their chances to get licence for lure coursing and Layla did her best! She saw the lure the very first time in her life but she ran so strong and willingly even it was raining that she finished the run with the license and 75 points out of 100 possible! Jazz wasn’t so lucky in the field :) He came back after first turn, but it is nothing, we will train and try next time ;)
Bianca (Whiteheads Eye Candy) the mom of the “little ones” and Vega (BestBella) were taking their chances in adult competition and were not only happy to get a chance to run, but Vega was named as fastest and best standart whippet runner for that day and received beautiful trophy :)

First victory to Jazz

On the 29th of June puppies from our first litter turn 9 months and for this ocation Jazz made a debut in Junior class in Šilutė National Dog Show. And he went ex.1 in strong competition and named as the best junior of the breed! What a start! Congratulations for the owners :)

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