About us

I am not one of those people who grew up surrounded by dogs from a very young age. Actually, the opposite is true. When I was a kid I only used to see dogs in the countryside chained to their kennels. Nonetheless, I knew that when I grow up I would have a dog. It was not so much of a dream as the purpose of life. When I was still a child I saved some money and bought a dog encyclopedia written in English and firmly decided that I was not buying a dog before I found the breed that would suit me 100 per cent. The breed, that I will love unconditionally each and every day of my life. Yes, my dream breeds has changed over the years, but I understood as I grew older that it could not be a large dog in living in an apartment, I did not want to spend a lot of time on combing my dog my sensitivity for smells was the last point.

Reading voraciously I finally came up with an image of the dog of my dreams. Easy to train, low maintenance, affectionate, girlish, but not ‘York’ type. So this is how Vega (BestBella) came to my life. Extraordinary calm and quiet, from the very first day (she was already 5 months) she became an indispensible part of my life. We went everywhere together. Visit friends, have a cup of coffee in the downtown or to work. Vega and I even attended a wedding of my friends where our duo was inseparable. We had a lot of fun and it looked like one could not want there is nothing more to want, but after a while the house was too quiet, lacking the Dog’s mobility, chaos, all the time Vega was home she curled up on the couch and neither sound nor smell nor motion was sensed. After half a year of searching (I was looking for the special one which will get staigh to the heart) little polish puppy girl Bianca (Whiteheads Eye Candy) came to our house. And then came the joy. She was completely different. As much as Vega was calm, Bianca was childishly playful, lively and doggy-like. Our velvet life has gained momentum. I started taking my girls to Dog Shows, whippet meetings, coursing where I met a lot of new friends and buddies.

Meanwhile I was studying the breed standard and the subtelties of keeping a sighthound. Great achievements in exhibitions and praise from other breeders and judges led me to think about breeding. This was how kennel “Nemuno Delta” came to be. Delta of river Nemunas is a land in which I and my girls spend some time and where I spent a lot of time of my childhood summers. Nemuno Delta is my “Paradise on Earth”, and whippets are a part of it!